UN Day – Grand Place, Brussels

The 69th anniversary of the United Nation’s founding was celebrated in Belgium in the famous central square of Brussels, the Grand-Place with its majestic town hall and beautiful 17th century buildings in the historic cobblestoned center.  Anybody passing by could stop by the stands that were set up and learn about the diverse work of the UN family of agencies.

Through games, quizzes and handouts, youngsters and adults could learn about the UN’s life-saving humanitarian work and how it promotes ‘green cities’ and sustainable development.

During this interactive event, visitors could wander through an urban garden, take part in recycling workshops and learn about climate change.  They could also discover about insects as food and some intrepid visitors tried out the exotic protein-rich bug snacks offered with crackers.

A graffiti-covered tent used in Jordan by a refugee family from Syria gave a chance to see up close what refugee life is like, though usually in settings far removed from the grandeur and refinement of the Grand-Place of Brussels.

This was the first time I was using the Fuji X camera and lenses for a professional job. I will be talking in much greater detail in future posts about the equipment, my experiences and comments. The smaller setup was more inconspicuous in this environment yet the quality was excellent.