Elliot Moscowitz

elliot-portraitMy first professional camera was a gift I received at 13 when I was growing up in Chicago, Illinois. It was a Canon TLb, and I still have it. It has great sentimental value to me because it marks an important moment in my life. It taught me to see the world as if through a lens.

After university and throughout my following career in finance and in international institutions, the passion this camera awoke in me has only grown. The lens symbolizes to me the two sides of our nature: the rational and the intuitive. From the rational world of finance, I found myself being drawn more and more to the intuitive world of photography. And beyond this intuitive world, I am drawn to The World. This is what motivated me to become a professional photographer and later the founder of The Global Lens.

Photographic technology has evolved astonishingly since my first SLR camera, but one principle will never change: my passion to master the latest technology will only be mirrored by my passion to travel The World to focus on, and capture that which is unique and share its natural beauty.