About This Blog

Welcome to my blog.

And welcome to a journey throughout the world, which I hope we will share together through my vision of it and through my cameras.

If you love to travel, or learn about different cultures; if you are fascinated by new locations; if you appreciate arresting, story telling images and fine art, it’s my mission to take you there through a unique perspective into everything that surrounds us.

This includes a wide selection of travel images including the environment, landscape, landmark sites and the human element: cultural habits that show how we are all unique, but all have so much in common throughout the planet.

If you wish to go further in the journey and learn more about all aspects of photography, I will take you behind the scenes and you will discover a world of information on equipment, techniques and composition through to post-processing.

Capturing the Unique is my credo. Whether you are in a corporate position or involved in education I am confident that the results of this will answer your needs. Looking forward to our first steps together,

Elliot Moscowitz


By the way, all the photos on the site are my own. Why not keep in touch by joining The Global Lens™ mailing list? (No names rented out or sold on) You can also send me comments via the comments page link. To add to your pleasure I haven’t watermarked the photo’s, but they are copyrighted. Feel free to send links to others. Let’s stay in touch!

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