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Brussels Comic Festival Balloon Parade

Superman Guarding the Royal Palais in Brussels

Brussels is known worldwide as the home of the Comic Books. To commemorate, they dedicate a weekend to the   Brussels Comic Book Festival. The event was held in front of the Palais Royal or the Grand Palace in English. One of the features of the Festival, was a balloon parade where the locals can also watch the inflating of the balloons as well.

Superman is obviously a big attraction, but he is more difficult to manage, because he is in the horizontal position. I used my FujiXt1 and wide angle #fuji 10-24 lens. I took this photo leaning backward so Superman could be framed correctly with the palace behind him.

Afterwards, there were tents set up with comic book makers. More on that to come.
Brussels always has interesting activities going. A good resource is the Visit Brussels website.

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